Why iCelebrate?

Hand-crafted online invitations + Printable ones + RSVP platform

  • All languages – Your guest will receive the invitation in his own language
  • SMS messages and Email's – whatever's most convenient for you
  • Extremely customizable service. We find solutions for your specific needs
  • We don't play hard-to-get. No more aggravation while waiting to talk to someone human. We're available!

So this is how it works


Choose a design

Choose a design from our variety of invitations. Already have a design? Great! We can upload yours!



Our designers will adapt it to your needs. You can add your own photos or music you love.


Send it out

via EMAIL, SMS and whatsapp. your guests will receive it instantly.


Track your RSVP's

View the RSVP's on a private website; you'll receive congratulatory notes and meal preferences.

 Our customers vouche for us


I would like to HIGHLY recommend the email invitation service. We just used them for our wedding a few weeks ago. The service was AMAZING. It was kind and prompt and our guests enjoyed the opportunity to RSVP in an easy and user friendly fashion.



The R.S.V.P system is very user friendly. I found it very convenient. I already knew who was planning to attend 3 full weeks before the wedding! Thank you!



Just wanted to share our experience and recommend the invitation site we are using iCelebrate. Super professional and available staff to answer questions about the service, and to help during the designing process. Very beautiful options to choose from done by graphic designers and everything is very customizable.



As a party planner, working with iCelebrate is a dream. We are able to reach out to a bigger amount of people and get them all excited way before the event actually begins.

Their designs are always very custom made and it's a pleasure working with their staff.



 While organizing a huge conference for ambassadors and leaders of the business community we were extremely satisfied with iCelebrate. Although planning it all from abroad we felt we were in good hands.

The invitation was designed exactly as we wanted it, the guests all got it on time and the RSVP's were very easy to manage.

Genine and Paul

Try it yourself! Send yourself an example!

Enter your mobile number or Email address and receive an example of our online invitations.

Please contact me.

Please contact me.

We create new designs every day

     We have great designers that would love to create your invitation. You can either choose a design from our catalog or you can just describe the invitation you would like us to create and we'll be on it right away.

Questions and Answers

Who designs the invitation?

We have great designers that would love to create your invitation. You can either choose a design from our catalog and we will redesign it to meet your needs or you can just describe the invitation you would like us to create and we'll be on it right away.

Can I create my own design and upload it to your platform?

Sure! You can send us your design and we will happily implement it in our platform. It's super-duper easy. If you have any questions about the size and format – just give us a call and we'll explain it all.

When are the invitations sent out?

The invitations will be sent out on the date an hour you decide on. We recommend sending them out between 4 to 6 weeks before your event. We will need you to fill in a guest sheet with all the info.

So how do my guest's receive the invitation? Email? SMS?

Your guests will receive an SMS or EMAIL with a short message that will motivate them to click on the invitation link. Once they click on the link they will be seeing the invitation and will be able to use the RSVP buttons. The SMS or EMAIL will appear to your guests as if it was sent from your number/email address. It's important for us that they feel that they received a personal invitation.

What if I forgot to invite someone? Can I add on more guests as we go along?

Definitely. You will receive a password and you'll be able to add on as many guests you wish to. We made it super easy and convenient.

I'm a bit worried that some of my guest's are not Tech oriented. What about them?

We actually found out that most people (including the elderly) get along quite well with our invitations. We made an effort to make our digital invitations easy and friendly to use but anyways one can always print out a small quantity of hardcopies.

What about a printable invitation? Do you offer them as well?

Sure. We know Aunt Aida will probably want a hardcopy. 😉 All invitations come in a printable version as well as a digital one. You will receive a PDF document that you can take to a printing place nearby.

Can I add music or animation to my invitation?

The platform that we’ve developed is very versatile so you can personalize your invitation with your special photos or film clips. You can even choose music to accompany your invitation, anything you want from Bach to Carlebach. For those creative souls, let your creativity out. It's not a mere invitation it's a production! It can be super-elegant or it can be funky. It's your event.

So where will I be seeing the RSVP's?

You will receive a private RSVP website. The invitation urges the recipient to respond on-line and in our experience within 90 seconds of the invitations going out, the graph of RSVPs will begin filling. You'll know who's coming, who's not, you can receive congratulatory messages, obtain meal preferences. Our user-friendly interface will manage your guest list for you and you can prepare seating. A second round of reminders can go out a week or two later to those who haven't responded. The platform also allows someone who can't attend to send a message – infinitely better than those embarrassing phone calls a week before the wedding.

Just be careful, many of our customers say the RSVP screen is addicting… 🙂


We can create exactly what you like

Make it special and fun

Connects to WAZE or Google Maps

Make it personal! get your guests excited :)

We can insert a special Gift button

and PRINTABLE invites

Sit back at home and the screen fill up


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